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Somatic Therapy

"I get to constantly relearn that my body has all the answers."


~Marguerite L.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic = Relating to the body

We live in a time when our attention is pulled outside of ourselves more often than not. Your mind stays busy in an effort to stay on top of the many tasks that make up another day. As you move on autopilot, you make less time and space for the things and experiences that really light you up. Your habits of responding to the world around you become largely unconscious, yet your body feels the effects of the challenges of being human.

So why turn to your body? Because it's been there since day one, recording every experience you have. Much like the black box of an airplane, your body is the ultimate truth teller. It has no agenda, just the genuine imprint of how your life experiences still linger within you.

The details might fade from our mind, but this imprint lies forever in our cells. Just like when you hear that song and it brings you right back to the emotions of that moment, years ago.

Your body understands the weight of expectations on your shoulders, the subtle hunching forward of your chest to protect you from one more heartache, or the hesitancy of each step when your hips have registered the disappointment of missteps in relationships. 

When you give your body the time and space to settle, it will illuminate what's worth paying attention to. 

Deeply held wisdom, that was there all along, emerges from the unawares. Through greater awareness of "what currently is", your body can begin to release what is no longer serving you. The spaciousness that results creates a new inner landscape that feels

"just as it should be." 

Somatic therapy helps you to slow down, turn inward, and wholeheartedly check in with how you are are truly experiencing the world around you. It is through this beautiful process that true transformation is born.

"I'm often surprised by what is happening beneath the surface. It's very empowering."

Marguerite L.

What it's Like

Sessions are typically done with the client lying on a massage table, fully clothed, though they may also be done while seated, standing, or in gentle movement.


Through verbal dialogue and gentle touch, the therapist cultivates a safe space for communication throughout the session and guides the client to explore a deeper awareness of their body. It is in this space that your transformation will occur.


Clients often experience energy releases, expression of stuck emotions, and a heightened sense of inner peace and clarity.

A common feeling upon leaving the session is feeling "less in my head & much more grounded."

The process can be likened to the tuning of an instrument, with your body being your Instrument & the way you experience the world around you. 

Who's it For

The simplest answer to this question is: "It's great for anyone who has a body." All kidding aside, we tend to be conditioned to think that answers come from outside of ourselves.


Most of us are not taught how to clear out the noise of life and tune in to what's really happening inside.


From a young age, we are often encouraged to override our own natural rhythms & preferences for the sake of the collective. We may stifle emotions when they aren't "appropriate" or ignore our body's signals of caution in favor of what pleases the authorities around us.


This isn't always done intentionally, but we feel the impact regardless.  

Somatic Therapy is a good fit for those who want to reconnect with their inner guidance system. You may:

  • Have a physical ailment that isn't explained by traditional avenues. 

  • Feel a longing to find relief from the layers of tension that you carry around each day.

  • Have a curiosity about your ways of coping in the world and wonder if things could be easier.

  • Want to expand your emotional intelligence and awareness.

  • Sense that past traumas may be hindering your present-day well being.

  • Want to expand your capacity to feel amazing in your body, which is the way you're meant to feel.

  • Want to reconnect with your body, mind & soul, which are interwoven and accessible in the present moment.

Zoom Sessions

Pre-pandemic, Zoom sessions were utilized to support my clients in between sessions when they traveled long distances to see me.

After seeing clients exclusively via Zoom for several months due to the Covid-19 restrictions, it became apparent that this platform could be used as a resource for people who would like to experience Somatic Therapy, but do not live locally. All that is needed beyond your computer or phone is a private space and a little room to sit or lay down. 

The process is quite similar to in-person sessions except for the absence of physical touch. After a brief verbal check-in about whatever topics are on your mind, I will guide you into deeper awareness of your body and the session will unfold based on whatever information is gleaned from your experience. I will continue to guide you through deeper embodiment and highlight connections between your body's story and it's connectedness to your current life experience.

I may direct you to stand and/or move to further integrate the elements of your session and some clients find it useful to jot down a few notes at the end of the session.

Both my clients and I have been amazed at how the power of remote sessions still leaves clients with the same results as when I see them in my office. Energy can be felt & transmuted no matter how far apart two people are. After all, we not only touch with our hands, but with our words and our hearts.

Workshops & Classes

Workshops and classes provide an opportunity to experience the principles of Somatic Therapy in a group setting.  

They may be a standalone experiences or integrated into an already existing retreat that you are offering off-site.

Workshops are a suitable option for:

  • Employers who want to offer a way to appreciate their employees in a creative and impactful manner.

  • Health practitioners who want to broaden their knowledge of how the body "speaks."

  • Writers/artists who want to learn how to tap into the creativity available within their body.

  • Yoga Instructors who wish to develop their understanding of the value and impact of touch during assists.

Please contact Marybeth directly to discuss formatting possibilities and cost as this varies depending on your specific needs.

Couples "Touch" Workshop, $250/couple


  • A 1.5-hour private introductory workshop centered around self-care, connection, and communicating through touch.

  • Explore the impact of stress on your body, and discover individualized tools to relieve tension and discomfort.

  • Calm the nervous system, and expand into a richer experience of connection and expression.

  • Suitable for couples of all ages and orientations or friends who wish to deepen their connection and discover new and powerful ways to support each other.

  • Offered both virtually and in-person.

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