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Marybeth Kover

Most of us aren't taught how to slow down, get quiet, and listen to what's happening inside of ourselves. But that's where all the answers are. 

One of my favorite parts of being a Somatic Therapist is getting to witness and celebrate breakthroughs with my clients. Helping others to navigate their inner terrain and reap the benefits of connecting with their innate wisdom is incredibly rewarding.

I enjoy the sacred experience of holding space for others to connect with themselves deeply & I wholeheartedly believe that each one of us deserves a life of happiness and connection.

As I reacquaint you with your innermost experiences, it is from this place of wholeness that life becomes simpler and more enjoyable, no matter what may be happening around you.

Some of the guiding principles of my practice:

  • The body is a wise resource and ally. 

  • You are the expert in you. It is my job to guide you to in understanding the wisdom that your body holds.

  • Awareness allows us to move from habit, to choice, to change.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Goucher College. I completed my training as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist in 2007 and most recently certified as a Somatic Therapist through the Somatic Therapy Training Program in Phildelphia, PA. I am also a Faculty member and Somatic Therapy Mentor through The Somatic Therapy Training Program (Philadelphia). Prior to becoming a full-time Somatic Therapist, I spent 17 years in human services working with children, youth, and adults with varying disabilities. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found my work as a Somatic Therapist, though my most treasured role in this life continues to be Mama to my 10-year old daughter, Ruby.


Marguerite L.

"Marybeth has taught me that I have a reservoir of power within me that I can gain access to."

"I love how I can just let go and trust that my body's wisdom will arise spontaneously."

Claire V.

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