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Heal Grow Thrive

Somatic Therapy


Why Somatic Therapy?

Your body is your constant companion in this life. It is the filter for every experience you've ever had. 


Your mind may keep you busy trying to make sense of life, but your body just "knows" life.


It knows what you hold onto & what you lean away from.

The ultimate truth teller, your body is the portal for transformation.

"It's surprising, revealing, freeing, satisfying and magical."

Laurel P.



Hands-On Somatic Therapy Session

Allow touch and talk to guide you to playfully explore your true & wise inner world.

Online Somatic Therapy Session

Zoom sessions offer a body-based experience from the comfort of your own space.

 Workshops & Classes

Yoga, Wellness, & Self-Care workshops;

tailor-made to suit the needs of your group. 

Somatic Therapy sessions have given me a deep sense of inner peace &

a knowing of my true self.

 I've moved from feeling confused about who I am to feeling clear & unapologetic about who I am. 

Claire V.

​With other body-based modalities,

I  feel like I’m doing

maintenance on the car,

but with Somatic Therapy, I learn how to drive the car and drive it well. 

It’s in that intersectionality where the mind (electronics) and body (mechanics) meet where I feel the lasting impact on my life.

Marguerite L.

I find this work much easier

than just talking.

Talking with an emphasis on the body allows the words to "bubble up"

rather than me having to

work or search for them.

Laurel P.

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